Make Money from your Website

The Number One rule for making money from your site is to get visitors! You can have the coolest, smartest, most well designed site which incorporates every get rich scheme known to man, but if no one visits your site, you'll make nothing, zilch, zero.

So, before we look at "get rich schemes" or even "make a little bit of pocket money" schemes, the first things you need to give attention to are:

Now assuming we've attended to all the above and have a good site with plenty of visitors. What's available to us to make money?

1. Use your site to promote or sell your existing goods and services. If you are a scuba diving instructor, the easiest way to make money from your site is to promote your business and get new customers through your site. If you get one new customer per month through your website, your site has easily paid for itself.

2. Affiliate schemes. With most affiliate schemes, you get paid when someone clicks through a link on your site to purchase goods from someone else. Apart from a few people, who devote themselves to this, few people make serious money. If you do go for an affiliate scheme, sell in context. If your site is about cameras, don't bother with an affiliate scheme with selling travel insurance. You usually get about 5% commission and only get paid when your earnings reach a certain threshold. Do make sure that any banners you use fit nicely into the design of your site.

The banner on the left is for the Lycos affiliate scheme. If you set up as a Lycos partner, you earn commission on clickthroughs from your site where people buy Lycos products.

Here's an example of an out of context affiliate banner ad. At least it's the right size!

Click here

3. Adsense. The advantage with adsense is that you get paid per click (when people click through from your site) rather than for sales. The price you get paid per click is in dollars and can range from a few cents to several dollars (most are a few cents). To get a rough idea of how much you might earn, consider a click-through rate of 3% at an average of 15p per click. If you have 10,000 page impressions per year

10,000 x 3% = 300 x 15p = £45

So what can we do to improve this?

> We can get more visitors ie increase the 10,000 figure
> We can get more clickthroughs
> We can (try to) get higher paying ads on our site using the higher paying Google adsense keywords.

We dealt with getting more visitors earlier on.

To get more clickthroughs we can optimize the style of the adsense ads and their positioning on the page. Adsense themselves give guidelines on this. For example, the more traditional 120x600 skyscraper ad in the right hand column gets less click throughs than a wide rectangular ad central in the page. An ad using the same colour scheme as the site, will also often generate more clickthroughs.